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HUSK mundbind og der skal fremvises gyldigt Coronapas til din underviser. God fornøjelse.

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An Improvisational Choir

An Improvisational Choir

This Vocal Inventions Choir is for singers and non-singers. All Levels of singers are welcome; complete beginners to the very experienced. 

Simply sing, what is sung to you - it’s that easy. an Improvisational Choir is an excellent way to have fun, sing, relax, feel connected, release happy endorphins and build community.

The rhythm of the sessions: Each session will begin with vocal warm ups, vocal technique and vocal improv skill-building exercises. All singers are then divided into groups according to their vocal pitch range. Each group will then be given a melodic or rhythmical pattern to sing (spontaneously composed by Martina). The parts and voices build and build until the improvised song grooves along; there is then an opportunity to solo over the top of the newly improvised tune, if you are moved to do so (but no pressure!).
Here’s an example of the choir in action. (All participants are complete strangers with little to no singing experience:

Please arrive 5 minutes early. Bring water. No perfumes please, thanks